Folie à Deux (Frerard)

Folie à Deux (Frerard)

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Hello. This is my new story... Here's some information about it:

*You don't have to be a fan to read, but this is a fanfic of the band My Chemical Romance.
---*All of the members of the band will appear in one way or another, but the story revolves around Frank and Gerard.
* I update when I update.
* If you've seen this before, that's because it's also on Mibba and
*If you ever see this story post somewhere besides here or those two places, please tell me because this is my story and I'd like to know if someone's publishing it elsewhere without my permission.

The cover for Folie was made by the wonderful @insane-and-insecure

Okay, thanks for reading my awkward author's note.


carbisbay carbisbay Oct 17, 2016
ok ive been rereading this fic like three times a year since seventh grade like i dont even like mcr anymore the plot is just Too Good
JustMoreJoshler JustMoreJoshler Oct 23, 2016
I'm pumped. I'm still sad cause. I just finish Asotm BUT I PUMPED
First time here, I searched up what the tittle means in French, I think I should be scared
ukulelescrems ukulelescrems Nov 18, 2016
Hey (:
                              I'm sorry if I'm being annoying, but I was wondering if anyone was interested in joining a group chat? We talk about anything and we never judge!
ChemicalPhandomDisco ChemicalPhandomDisco Oct 27, 2016
I'm a first time reader and I just finished pretty and I'm crying because of it but I'm excited
ScreamInTheDistance ScreamInTheDistance Dec 08, 2016
First time reading 
                              I was gonna read this earlier, but I deleted it from my library for some reason