My Alpha (BoyxBoy) (Completed)

My Alpha (BoyxBoy) (Completed)

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Chloe By Writer92 Completed

Book 2 in the My Mate series

It’s been a month since Daniel turned human and Jason woke up and their still trying to settle back into normal life.
Daniel is having trouble within his pack as members doubt his leadership and a new pack interfering with his hometown cause rifts and tensions to rise and if that wasn’t bad enough his also having problems with his mate.

Jason woke up to find himself in a hospital bed with his last memory being the morning of Daniel’s eightieth birthday, ultimately forgetting about Daniel being a werewolf and his mate. To his annoyance no one will talk about the month or so leading up to his coma, or why he has scars across his chest and his getting tired of waiting and tip-toeing around people. He is going to find out the truth, even if it kills him.

Jackson is finding life a little bit easier since meeting new love interest Hayley and getting his little brother and best friend back into his life. He finally starts to feel relief from the grief that’s been dragging him down for the past year, but problems arrive when he meets the Alpha of the new pack, who suddenly has eyes for Jackson and Jackson only. Will Jackson be able to love Hayley or will fate control his heart?

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watermelon5889 watermelon5889 Jul 29, 2016
How am I suppose to know what happened before the "sequel" 😢???? ????
downtheriver downtheriver Jan 22, 2017
when you want to read a book but you can't bc book 1 isn't on wattpad anymore and Amazon is being shitty
DreamerrBoy DreamerrBoy Jan 15, 2016
Ugh.....😒😒😒I'm sorry but people who think like that annoy me. "If I hadn't have screamed, the wolf would have never found us."
Angel_of_death14 Angel_of_death14 Aug 26, 2015
why cant you just put up the first book again, it pisses me off how you took it down, some ppl are broke and have no money to read it, Wattpad is here for sharing your stories FOR FREE, jeez, if you just want money go somewere else and not on wattpad
asylumofthelivingdea asylumofthelivingdea Sep 02, 2014
Might as well read this one, since I can't read the other one. Boo!
sapphires_ghost sapphires_ghost May 10, 2014
i had a happy dance when i saw all the other books in the series