The True History of the Cullen Family

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Jacquel Chrissy C. May By Claire_Violet_Thorpe Updated 2 years ago
Suppose that Carlisle Cullen was killed by his girlfriend Camille von Meliskold. Which means that Edward Masen, Esme Platt Evensen, Emmett McCarty, and Rosalie Hale would have never joined the Cullen family. Neither would Alice Brandon. Jasper Whitlock, however, is a wandering nomad who is taken in by the Volturi. He meets a young runaway girl named Jacquelyn Claire Ulrich, a rebellious 15-year-old Goth who convinces herself that vampires are real. These two unlikely lovers must somehow find the people meant to be the Cullen clan and save the world from a terrible threat.
Amazing! Please upload more soon :D