His personal assistant  (  Cristiano Ronaldo fanfic )

His personal assistant ( Cristiano Ronaldo fanfic )

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Real_madrid_forever By real_madrid_forever Updated Sep 16, 2015

I opened my eyes after a good night sleep, I felt the sunlight soaking into my bare skin as tossed to my left side when I saw my boss ; Cristiano Ronaldo sleeping beside me. I immediately hissed from my spot and the blanket slowly slides down my upper body, I realised that I had no clothes on, I was naked, full on naked. My heart started to race and I felt my throat dry. I looked at Cristiano as he tossed and turned in his sleep. I looked around the room, oh my god, I was in Cristiano's room, on his bed and naked. 
I heart skipped a beat  when I saw Cristiano sexy and naked muscular chest, which all meant one thing, he was also NAKED. Oh my god, what on earth happened last night. I dug my fingers through my curly black hair, trying to recall last night. I had no time to think, all I had to do right now was to sneak out of here before Cristiano wakes up and sees me instead of Irina. 

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