Don't Make Deals With A Demon [MxM] [Mpreg]

Don't Make Deals With A Demon [MxM] [Mpreg]

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Mpreg Queen 👑 By lilmizzapplez Updated Feb 09

The names Kai and I'm your average teenage boy. I attended high school, got excellent grades, played soccer and had a lot of friends. That is, until I got killed in a freak accident. When my soul left my body, I was greeted by this gorgeous man who goes by the name of Dantalion, who claims he can resurrect me back to life if I make a blood bond with him.

I agreed, not knowing what I got myself into. When I made a blood bond with him, I surrendered my soul to him to do his bidding on earth by slaughtering and killing humans that have committed crimes and viscious acts alike. Oh and did I forgot to mention, I'm his sex slave? 

Join me and my now hectic life as I battle with demons of the darkness, my ever growing feelings for Dantalion and the troubles that come along with this whole fucking package.

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I would very much like for you to continue this book. It's interesting, and you kinda left it before it really started up.
I'm with NekoHinata write and write even more PLEASE finish the books
see_on see_on Jan 25
The first meeting, especially the thougts of the demon.
                              Than the summery, (I hope that counts) because its making me really expectant for the continuation.
                              And third (at the moment) the dream an Reaktion to it (from both sides)
                              I hope I can add more in the Future ♥
hasagw hasagw Jan 25
Please 🙏🏽continue writing this book when I saw it was discontinued I cried.
YaoiLover00 YaoiLover00 Jan 25
I really like this book and would like to see it continue. You're a great writer and discontinuing this book would be disappointing.
see_on see_on Jan 25
                              I just cant remember ever reading a book where the POV changes every chapter (with reatelling the plot as much as here) that was still as interesting and captivating as here.
                              Yure a really good writer and I' d love to continue reading this book ♥