Don't Make Deals With A Demon [MxM] [Mpreg]

Don't Make Deals With A Demon [MxM] [Mpreg]

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The Yaoi Sensation By lilmizzapplez Updated Jul 02, 2015

The names Khai and I'm your average teenage boy. I attended high school, got excellent grades, played soccer and had a lot of friends. That is, until I got killed in a freak accident. When my soul left my body, I was greeted by this gorgeous man who goes by the name of Dantalion, who claims he can resurrect me back to life if I make a blood bond with him.

I agreed, not knowing what I got myself into. When I made a blood bond with him, I surrendered my soul to him to do his bidding on earth by slaughtering and killing humans that have committed crimes and viscious acts alike. Oh and did I forgot to mention, I'm his sex slave? 

Join me and my now hectic life as I battle with demons of the darkness, my ever growing feelings for Dantalion and the troubles that come along with this whole fucking package.

Teenager666 Teenager666 4 days ago
Tbh if i was him i would have been like nah thanx fam im good
Lescross Lescross Nov 01, 2016
... or a beautiful nightmare
                              Either way, I don't want to wake up from you
KawaiiKumaGirl KawaiiKumaGirl Jul 17, 2015
Dantalion his name reminds me of the Dontalien ( I'm not sure if that's how his name is spelled)from Makai Ouji : Devils And Realists
Livin_Like_Carrie Livin_Like_Carrie May 26, 2015
Omg! The fact you would admit that. I would never be that brave.