Captivated [Mpreg] [MxM] [Rape]

Captivated [Mpreg] [MxM] [Rape]

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Erotica Bitch™ By lilmizzapplez Updated Mar 15

The kingdom of Calista and Arlistro have been in war against each other for centuries. The King of Calista sent his son Prince Don, the first in line to the throne. During battle the Prince is injured and kidnapped by an unknown man...

Prince Jordan is the heir to the throne in the neighboring country, Arlistro. He's fought in many battles and won countless wars alongside his father. What he didn't expect was a beautiful petal in the wind, dancing among thornes. After he discovered an injured Don, he kidnaps him to his kingdom. 

Jordan finds himself smitten with the young prince. He has his way with him countless nights under the desert moon. Jordan bends Don to his will even though Don resists him. What'll happen when a missing prince cannot be found? When secrets unravel and the fate of his country is rested upon his shoulders? 

What will Jordan do when he has to choose between love and his duty to save his country and prevent a full fledge war?

  • angst
  • bdsm
  • boyxboy
  • drama
  • gay
  • generalfiction
  • gore
  • jealousy
  • lgbt
  • mpreg
  • mxm
  • romance
  • sadist
  • tragedy
  • violence
  • war
Yaoi4Lifu Yaoi4Lifu Jan 27
Your writing is very captivating. Like the word choices you make are brilliant and the story flows well.
Dqrkblqde Dqrkblqde Jan 26
I love the style of writing that you use, it was probably the main thing to pull me into reading this story. I got it recommended to me and I immediately knew this story was very different than the other bxb stories out there. You’ve done a wonderful job.
I definitely like the prologue!!! The time when they first met and jordan brushed dons hair from his face( I liked that he made him seem so precious!!) And the time were he felt pride when carlos gasped at the sight of don!!!
I just started this book and I can definitely say that I would love to keep reading it. I love the interactions between the main pair so far and if you do continue to write I can't wait for more. P.s I also like that his firey red hair is always mentioned
Toyirbasar Toyirbasar Jun 23, 2017
Its really intriguing one..oh please!..update!!!..we don't always find such BDSM stories ..please please please..getting sleepless nights in anticipation.. Pleaaasseee were!!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙇🙇🙇
Fanmuiga Fanmuiga Feb 24
Ur awesome being a mum and writing stories on wattpad must be real hard I have school
                              And it’s hard for me to update lol anyway ur cool keep it upppp !!