A Turn of Tides (Dragon Age Fanfiction)

A Turn of Tides (Dragon Age Fanfiction)

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TheRory By TheRory Updated Jan 01, 2016

This deletes all the time so I'm sorry that it comes and goes and it always changes. Plus I'm bad at Summaries, sorry about that as well. And YES this is the collab book with the Chosen Series written By AvalonRutherford1314
Amaris is a sarcatic human merchant who explores over seas on her ship, Revel, with her loyal crew. Amaris comes into contact with the Witch of the Wilds and her life is changed forever, and it changes even more when a certain crow comes into her life. But that love can only last so long.

Amaris soon finds herself with the future Hero of Ferelden, Eveyln Cousland. Amaris joins Eveyln to help stop the fifth blight. But it isn't that simple, it never is. Amaris will have to pass many trials along the way to emerge victorious alongside the Hero.

This is the story of Amaris.

There's the summary, not the best but it's better than nothing right? At least I hope so :)