Fire and Ice (boyxboy) First Book

Fire and Ice (boyxboy) First Book

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WARNING: The story contains mature actions and issues. The story is NOT edited; I apologize for the problem, but I shall edit it as soon as possible.

How do fire and ice combine together?

Meet Travis Henderson, sort of new student, blunt to extreme when can’t keep on leash his tongue and thoughts, weird, vain and cocky as a cat and afraid of nothing. Well. Almost. 
Although with his looks it’s very difficult to go by unnoticed, he has to keep a low profile and prefers to have himself and his i-pod as his only companies. 
Oh, did I mention he is gay? Proud and loud, he would say. 
Travis knows no half measures when it comes to feelings, he feels a fire burning inside him and has to let it out; Travis has to have the object of his interest no matter what. But fire can really burn and hurt you, even if you are its master. And what happen when you realize what you want is the only thing you are not allowed to have? 
Yeah, Travis is like a burning and shining ball of fire. 

Meet Aleksandr Vladimirovich Lebedev, half Russian and half American, star of the ice hockey team of his school. 
Being 6′3″ tall with a fierce and dangerously annoyed glare makes him one of the most feared guy in school. And he likes to be feared by useless and annoying people, since doesn’t appreciate at all to be involved in others’ business. 
Sasha is like the solid and cold ice where he skates on, only his family and his best friends have a place in his icy world. That’s all you will ever get from Aleksandr and mind well to not annoy him. 
How it will turn out to bump into a costant magnet for problems? 

How fire and ice combine together? Will the cold ice extinguish the fire or will the burning and unpredictable fire melt the ice?

AzzGem AzzGem Aug 04
In my mind, I fantasise him doing perfect ballet everywhere he goes and also an endless amount of radiant lighting just following him around
AzzGem AzzGem Aug 03
Well snakes don't exactly change their skin. They shed them and produce  new ones, same skin just newer
AzzGem AzzGem Aug 04
I have an 8 year gap between my older siblings and I'm the last child so I'm spoilt like molasses
AzzGem AzzGem Aug 04
Now I imagine him kicking out some wicked dance moves to block those attacks and also for an offensive strike😂 for some reason, that would be epic!!!!
VanillasTea VanillasTea Aug 11
Jungchaimaa Jungchaimaa Jul 28
Srsly this story is perfect ! I can reaaad it again and again for the rest of my lifeee