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My Baby's Daddy!

My Baby's Daddy!

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LiL-Miss-Klutzy By LiL-Miss-Klutzy Updated Oct 21, 2014

"What was I suppose to do? He left me right when I was going to tell him. Now he's back and still doesn't know that he's my baby's daddy! But what can I do? He can back with the one person that makes a difference. He came back with HER. I'm not going to tell him even though he's suspicious. He's going to find out eventually. I mean our baby looks EXACTLY like him except that he has my complexion and light hair. I don't know what to do. I don't know how long I can hide it. I'm weak against him and he knows it too. It'll be a matter of time before he confronts me. But for the mean time I'll try to avoid him and her too. I'll keep my baby away from his daddy. But God knows that's easier said than done. Especially when he's in most my classes..."

Whyuno Whyuno Sep 04, 2016
                              Sukoshi no matte (get rid of the extra ma) 
                              It basically means "Wait a little longer" or "Just a little while" 
SizzyStydia SizzyStydia Nov 13, 2016
how's she got time to straighten her bangs when her baby needs to be at the hospital ASAP?
zoebugsmom zoebugsmom Jul 06, 2016
If it was my son I would be there no matter what the grand parents say. Money definitely wouldn't make me go any faster
Whyuno Whyuno Sep 04, 2016
                              tabemono o tanoshimu
                              roughly translates to "Enjoy your meal"
jmclearnen jmclearnen Dec 13, 2015
This is hella confusing. Ur saying all these characters names but not telling us who they are tf
DixyDiaz DixyDiaz Apr 27, 2015
                              She is a Thot and a wanna be head directed and a kiss up?!?? Wow