Broken /// (Daryl Dixon //// The Walking Dead fan fiction)

Broken /// (Daryl Dixon //// The Walking Dead fan fiction)

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A Daryl Dixon/The Walking Dead fanfiction

Bailey is a very head strong girl, very independent and likes to figure everything out on her own, and she just wants to find her family, when a group of people come in the way of that. She makes new friendships, new loves, and a new family.

Bailey comes upon a group and gets very attached to some of the members especially one in particular. She finds herself loving for the first time after loosing her family and she is going to have to make many decisions. 

Will all of her new loved ones die, will she die for them, will she find her old family, will she leave her new one?

These are all choices she will have to make. What will she decide? Well your going to have to read to find out.

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