Amaryllis:The Daughters Of The Plug  [New Version] August Alsina Love Story|

Amaryllis:The Daughters Of The Plug [New Version] August Alsina Love Story|

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Z-The Hipster. By _Murray12 Updated Dec 20, 2017

Amaryllis Abelardo is a seventeen year old girl who is the youngest daughter of the biggest and most dangerous drug lord ever named, Adao. Being the daughter of a drug lord is not as easy many may think its is; between the hidden secrets, the lies, and the betrayal it could be a damaging situation. Amaryllis hates that she is a child of a dangerous drug lord but she knows that she has to accept what it is. Adao taught his girls everything about the streets, economics and academics but never once have he talked to them about love.
     Young Amaryllis is the ''stuck up'' girl that everybody hates at Colligate High school, she's know as the girl that thinks she's better than everyone which is wrong. Amaryllis is more calm and quiet, and people wrongly judge her base off her appearance; girls envy her and dudes our intimidated by her . But one day at a football game a young teenage boy and his friends starts a dare which stirs things up. He had to ''thrash out'' the next girl that walks through and unexpectedly it was the lovely Amaryllis. Once he started the dare he strongly regretted it- he has never fooled around with a girl like her and between his cockiness together with her bad attitude it is not a well mix blend.
   Until, they both realize that they both have a lot in more common and starts to form interest in each others. He admires her passion for art and she respects his dedication to basketball. When she lets him in and the desire turns more into an attraction thats when things starts to  take a turn in the wrong direction and someone tells her his true intentions with her. And between the family drama and her first love her heart is shattered into piece and it gets so unbearable that she's has no choice but to escape this cruel world. Will she end her fate or will a angel come and save her from the darkness of death.?.

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Right i don like the pledge either the man who wrote it wrote a whole notha page about how he was happy that slaves had died