Lovers Denied

Lovers Denied

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Caylee and Khyla :) By KayCay Updated Jul 24, 2014

Alphas. Naturally dominant, impulsive creatures that will likely rip your head off your shoulders and then ask questions later if you piss them off. 

There's no way there can be more than one Head Wolf In Charge, which is why everyone's wondering how the hell Abrielle and Logan will manage.

Abrielle, the first female to become an Alpha is a hot head in every sense of the word. She has no intentions on ever finding her mate, and she'll be willing to die before she admits that someone has a claim on her. But something about Logan is just... different.

Logan, man who loves his single life a little bit too much, and has trouble coming to terms with the fact that Abrielle is his mate. Well, what she doesn't know won't kill her, is what he says to himself as he keeps his little secret to himself.

And it won't kill her.

But what if comes close?

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