Second Chances: A Legolas and Ahsoka love story

Second Chances: A Legolas and Ahsoka love story

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Lady Sharpe By Lady-Gisborne Updated Nov 26

What happened to Ahsoka when she left the order?  Did she seek refuge with friends she gained during the war?  Or did she go her own way?  The solution that comes to her is unexpected.  When she is accidentlly reunited with her old masters in another world, how will she react?  How will they react with having to work with her to destroy a mysterious ring laced with the Dark Side?  Ahsoka will have to face her inner demons that haunt her still from her adventures in the order.  Will her new friend, Legolas, give her the help she needs?  Or will he shun her when he finds out about her darkest moments?
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oh gosh, I'm already laughin an it's not even the good part!
dude, mixing 2 of my fav fandoms with 2 of my fav characters will be interesting. I'm curious to see how this all plays out, especially since there's no tech in Middle Earth. However, I'm a lil lost; I don know if I should b playin the Star Wars theme song or The Fellowship of the Ring theme song?