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Rehabilitation (a tony x loki fic)

Rehabilitation (a tony x loki fic)

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R-chan By Tentacute Completed

After Loki's attack on Manhattan, he is sent back to Asgard and is sentenced to imprisonment. Except the second Thor leaves and returns to earth by choice, Odin transfers Loki to the dungeons and brutally tortures him until there is nothing left of the Loki that everyone knew, and becomes terrified and overly submissive, hiding his scars and never opening his mouth to speak. When Thor returns seven months later, he sees this but is not told why his brother has become like such. In a panic, Thor decides to dump him with S.H.E.I.L.D and is kept under watch by the Avengers in order to get him away from Asgard. To everyone's shock, he is too busy being terrified of punishment to try anything. Tony's suspicions get the best of him and when he ends up trying to 'rehabilitate' Loki, he get's far more than he bargained for.

--this is a reprint from my a03, so I will not be making any gramatical fixes--

Odin, I don't give a single damn if you are the Allfather or not, I'm coming for you and it won't be pretty
JA-F0x JA-F0x Apr 18
Man, Tony without coffee is me on weekdays everyday. only awake on the weekends
W8nter101 W8nter101 Nov 20, 2016
                              Fvck you Odin and your parenting skills
Oh. Well so much for mute. That's fairly boring how quickly he was speaking again
I personally would think he would sign it like: Thor, Son of Odin, Prince of Asgard
                              But oh well the rest sounds very Thor-ish. Lol
24mull 24mull Feb 12
If you lay so much as a breath of harm on him, I will rip you apart. 
                              Emphasis on the rip you apart.