Love is critical (Danisnotonfire x reader)

Love is critical (Danisnotonfire x reader)

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Diamond_Puppy_ By diamond_puppy_ Updated Aug 12

G'day! I'm Y/N! I'm Phil's little sister, he moved out with my mum when they got divorced. But when I had enough I go to England and move in with him. He didn't tell me that he had a roommate, let alone a whole internet fanbase! 

So, what will happen when she finds out about Dan? will it be love at first sight? or she play hard to catch?

(Please note that I do not update often, and I am slowly going on with the story.)

lilystorm lilystorm Sep 11
Me at 3:30 AM watching YouTube when my parents come too check on me 😂
cowcowmow cowcowmow Jul 18
Closed Phil has ever been to swearing besides when he said " shed"
Damn. I dont think he would be fined...for hitting a child...with a bat. He would be in prison.
At least he didn't sell an axe to a 12 year old... *cough cough*
                              Do you mean by the lovely green haired bean named jack
YES finally a book were I'm Australian and not American. I'm tired of that because I'm Australian!!! Also I love the book