Love is critical (Danisnotonfire x reader)

Love is critical (Danisnotonfire x reader)

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G'day! I'm Y/N! I'm Phil's little sister, he moved out with my mum when they got divorced. But when I had enough I go to England and move in with him. He didn't tell me that he had a roommate, let alone a whole internet fanbase! 

So, what will happen when she finds out about Dan? will it be love at first sight? or she play hard to catch?


hxjimin hxjimin May 04
Lol you described​ me , i have brown hair and green eyes..
_dannosaur_ _dannosaur_ May 09
I was reading The line, "Y/N meet Dan,
                              Mean While My Name is Dan. 
                              "Dan Meet Dan, Dan this is Dan" thanks you philly
I sleep in the same bed as my brother sometimes???? I don't think it's weird but ok
Angelrtte Angelrtte Jul 15
How? I sleep w my cousins and siblings on the same bed and u don't think it's weird... is it?
D-d-do... do... do you not have a couch?? Bc sleeping with a guy I met an hour ago is less awkward than sleeping in the same bed as my brother? Yup
PhilsGoosey PhilsGoosey Aug 06
*whispers* I was born in Melbourne but moved to Adelaide at 8 months