The last girl.                            Gally x reader

The last girl. Gally x reader

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This book is for a friend of mine

A girl wakes up in a box she is scared and angry (y/n) is not a normal girl, her home is not how she dreamed it would be,she lives in the glade, hoping to find a way out. She may fall a lot and have a bad temper but  can be nice if you stay on her good side. Will she fall in love with gally will the griever's kill her before she can?


He didn't mean to kill Chuck, in the book he was being controlled. And in the movie he was stung, he didn't know what he was just realized how serious I take books and movies
ItsYourDestiney ItsYourDestiney Oct 16, 2015
I hate the fact tht he killed Chuck but he wasnt in his right mind..and think he got it worst than Chuck..he got a SPEAR throught his chest!!!