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I Might Love You (ErenxLevi)

I Might Love You (ErenxLevi)

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Linksis4411 By Linksis4411 Updated May 30, 2015

"Ouch!" I yelp as I hit my head on the low ceiling in my cramped apartment. It has cream colored walls and marble countertops with the biggest fridge I could find, what I'm a hungry person. 
I look over at my shiny black alarm clock, "CRAP! IM LATE" I yell as I throw on my clothing, dash out the door and drive to my sucky job at the retail hardware store The Basement. 

I punch in and sit at my usual register, like I do everyday. The store is enormous with lofty ceilings. We sell every kind of refrigerator and wood plank you could ever need.

Ok so let me tell you a little about my self, I'm Eren, Eren Knight, in my past life I was Eren Yeager of the Scout Regiment. I live at 23 Yeager St. Ironic right? I got my memory's back when I was 16, it different for every person when they get there memory's back, Armin got his back he was 13 and Annie just a few months ago. I hope when I meet Levi he will have his back, we were lovers all those years ago, I wonder how much he's change...

Welcome_Mat Welcome_Mat Apr 14
Petra! *glares* I will rip your legs off. And let you die a slow and painful death. As you hear Eren and Levi making out.
Blond coconut. Although Titan boy is my runner up. Especially if you mix his manga eyes with his anime ones. Golden and teal 💛💚
animerocks124 animerocks124 Aug 06, 2016
Levi, Eren, Hanji, Erwin, Carla, and Mikasa. They are my favorite characters in AoT
Harry_joslyn Harry_joslyn Sep 14, 2016
ok ok petera nice on there but serouesly you will have a better relashtionship with the tree...
NaLulover104 NaLulover104 Jul 20, 2016
I just threw up (I am sick and I hate that tree hugger and Levi~sama)