I Might Love You (ErenxLevi)

I Might Love You (ErenxLevi)

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Linksis4411 By Linksis4411 Updated May 30, 2015

"Ouch!" I yelp as I hit my head on the low ceiling in my cramped apartment. It has cream colored walls and marble countertops with the biggest fridge I could find, what I'm a hungry person. 
I look over at my shiny black alarm clock, "CRAP! IM LATE" I yell as I throw on my clothing, dash out the door and drive to my sucky job at the retail hardware store The Basement. 

I punch in and sit at my usual register, like I do everyday. The store is enormous with lofty ceilings. We sell every kind of refrigerator and wood plank you could ever need.

Ok so let me tell you a little about my self, I'm Eren, Eren Knight, in my past life I was Eren Yeager of the Scout Regiment. I live at 23 Yeager St. Ironic right? I got my memory's back when I was 16, it different for every person when they get there memory's back, Armin got his back he was 13 and Annie just a few months ago. I hope when I meet Levi he will have his back, we were lovers all those years ago, I wonder how much he's change...

YaoiGodesss YaoiGodesss Jul 02
                              Me:Uhh hi. Petra, if you could let levi and Eren be a couple that would be great thanks
Levi, Eren, Hanji, Erwin, Carla, and Mikasa. They are my favorite characters in AoT
Petra go back to your god damn tree 😒😒 leave Heichou with his true love you scrawny ass bit*ch
ok ok petera nice on there but serouesly you will have a better relashtionship with the tree...
I just threw up (I am sick and I hate that tree hugger and Levi~sama)
Usally I really don't hate Petra but if she stands between my little babies I'll kick her ass up!