Cabin Fever (WATTYS Winner, COMPLETED)

Cabin Fever (WATTYS Winner, COMPLETED)

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Felix M. Bloom By twilightpeaks Completed

Trapped in a luxurious mountain cabin during the worst blizzard in living memory. Snowed in with my sexy boss and her handsome husband, seven strangers (six girls, one boy, all of them hot), and an evil spirit that would see us all doomed - unless I could find a way to sate it. 

I decided to try sex. It's the only thing I know that will truly satisfy someone. I'm sure I could have brutally murdered the others or something. But this wasn't a bad horror movie - it was real life. You don't do bloody murder in real life - you try and work with what you've got. So sex it was.

*** WATTYS 2016 WINNER HQ LOVE Category ***
*** WATTPAD AFTER DARK Editors' Pick ***


Cabin Fever is the result of a challenge of sorts: write something outside your normal genres, write something... smutty. It's not just about the sex. It has romance, humor - and a bit of the paranormal to spice things up.

Don't take it too seriously: it's meant to be sexy-fun, so just go with the flow and let the Cabin Fever take you...