My Tiny Omega || L.S.

My Tiny Omega || L.S.

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princess By harrysbabylouis Updated Jul 31, 2016

Louis is in an abusive relationship.

Harry is mated to Lillian.

What will happen when Harry and Louis' paths cross?

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Its OK guys I have the author under control she won't let Dan hurt Lou *points gun in author's direction*
- - Mar 13
I stg if this is my little Danosaur. I'm just going to imagine another Dan. And Dan and Phil cuddling somewhere~
Kate_0328 Kate_0328 Sep 21
Just finished a destiel fic, so now I'm reading dean instead of dan🙃
StylinsonOopsHi StylinsonOopsHi Oct 14, 2016
*cocks gun* YOU BEST GIT OUT MY FANDOM BEFORE I PUT CAP IN YOUR ASS BOI !!!* in old country Cajun man voice *
kaspbrak-tozier kaspbrak-tozier Aug 11, 2016
why does it have to be dan bc now im imagining dan howell but hes my precious bby
purejeons purejeons Jan 20
I don't know who you are..... or why you are doing this.... But I will find you and I will kill you.