In love with my bully?

In love with my bully?

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Tini's POV

Hey! My name is Tini! Actually my name is Martina Stoessel, but everyone calls me Tini... I live with my parents and brother in Buenos Aires and today I am going to a new school... I'm really nervous... 
I miss my friends... But I'll make new friends... I have a boyfriend to... Peter... But he lives at the other side of the city...                         


Tini: Ugh

I have to wake up, but I'm soooo tired

Tini's mom: You're school starts about 15 minutes! You need to hurry!


So fast as I can I make ready for school... I dress myself like always... Ponytail, glasses and some clothes the most times in black... I've much colorful clothes, but I don't want to wear them, and glasses I have to wear them a month and then I don't need them anymore... Okey it's just I don't like to stand hours and hours for the mirror doing my make-up and things like that...

Timeship, school
I walk inside... Wauw nice school..