Something Permanent

Something Permanent

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God bless Sweden, Sarah is here By Sarahsnothere Updated Jun 11, 2015

Sequel to "Blinded"

As Percy is getting used to be able to see again Annabeth is having even more trouble staying friends with her dad.
At the same time Rachel is back and town and she does whatever she can to get back with Percy now that he's not blind anymore. Sabotage is one of the many things she's prepared to do.
Still neither Percy nor Annabeth let's all these things get to them, they're happy and that's what's  most important. 

Diclaimer: Most of the characters are not mine, Rick Riordan owns them.
The fanart isn't mine as well, I found it on we heart it.

Hmm I wonder if this actually can happen? Nevermind to my earlier comment
I just thought of something.
                              If Percy's not blind anymore, what happened to his guide dog?! Poor cutie baby puppy got sent away maybe to some other blind person?!
@EmoUnicorn21 yeah it's like, WAIT DID ANNABETH JUST PROPOSE?!
Is anybody reminded of "Miracles From Heaven"? Just me? Okay...
                              My cousin had cancer when she was a baby and then relapsed when she was 3. She survived. Same as Haven. 😄