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You are MINE!

You are MINE!

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lailamehtaab By lailamehtaab Completed

"You really don't know what I want Noor?" He whispers lowering his head to mine.
  "I- I don't know." 
  "Should I tell you then?"
  He brings his face dangerously close to mine. I quickly shook my head in negative, unable to find my voice.
  "Why not?" He whispers again and I squeeze my eyes shut.
  "Open your eyes Noor....look at me." and without realizing I open them.
  "You know what I want right?" His tone suddenly change, I nodded.
  "Then don't ask me again. Okay?" Again I nodded.
  "That's my girl....... I love you Noor and you are mine only mine, remember that ....always"
  Moosa Khan, leader of gang Black Eagles. He talks less and let his gun do the work. He is heartless, dominating and demanding ..... but if it comes to one particular person, he can be caring and humble ..... just for her.... for His Noor.
  *Not edited, read on your own risk.*
   #19 in Romance (6.9.2016)
  #18 in Romance (10.02.2016)
  Cover by @AdibahRafhanah

Just based on the blurb , you could've called this story "just for her"
--periwinkle --periwinkle Sep 13, 2016
My f*cking name is Noor and I legit squealed when I saw my name 😫🙌🏻
KhiKhiBennett KhiKhiBennett Nov 23, 2016
A friend (@MysteryJaye) invited me to read this story.. I loved the description of your story and am overjoyed to read this 💖💖
Holedweller Holedweller Jun 01, 2016
Like there are literally very few good books on Wattpad.  Not trying to be mean but it's true. Not many of them are actually original and the romance section is kinda useless tbh
cocosasoli cocosasoli Aug 10, 2016
I know you are Pakistani and also Muslim then why you are writing this kind of stories I m also Pakistani  and follow me
i_have_ur_chocolate i_have_ur_chocolate Sep 18, 2016
Hey do you like want an editor or something cause while the plot is good the format and writing is a bit off