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Main pairing
Side pairings:
BTS x Jimin  [ Mostly vmin]
Jungkook x BTS
YoonSeok [ yoongi and hoseok]


Park Jimin Jeon Jungkook

Jikook             P.J + J.J

Rejection after rejection. Why does he hate me so much? What did I ever do to make
him not accept my feelings? Why must he be so mean? What wrong have I done to him?
I must thank Taehyung and the others for always helping me, staying by my side, help me
get over him. You broke me, Jeon Jungkook. I give up.
-  P. J
 Why is hyung avoiding me? Is it because of what I said? Aish... Pabo! I feel so angry when the
other hyungs drag Jiminnie away from me as if I had a disease. Especially Taehyung hyung,
the other 95' liner. Their endless skinships and selcas together... The eye smile Jiminnie shows him...
Jiminnie's laughter when joking and playing around with him... Why can't it be me?
- J . J

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NoYaSeokJin NoYaSeokJin Sep 10
Did bangtan actually debut late cause of Jiminie? I never knew that, sighsigh shameshame.
jimingochu jimingochu Sep 13
omg why do I always read fanfics where jungkook is  A BIG JERK
jkookiepark jkookiepark Sep 23
JUST BC JIMIN WAS THE LAST TO JOIN- he only trained for like two weeks this coconut head ass is making me trigged
xiuhcn xiuhcn Jun 24
honestly jungkook being a b.itch in fanfics is making it hard for me to be a loyal jungkook stan.
i honestly am crying rn and why do you have to be such a bitch
bbyji- bbyji- Aug 03
I swear, if he kills himself I'll kill Jungkook. Just kidding