The Dragon and His Rider

The Dragon and His Rider

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Meredith Jordan By KoalaBear119 Completed

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Betrothed to an evil prince, Kenreik, the crown prince to the Kingdom of Guerin, Jovena wishes to escape and be free. But, with maids knocking at her door every other second and expected to birth children for the prince after they marry, she cannot even leave her quarters. And, to make it even worse, there is now a voice in her head that claims to be a real being and seems to know everything.

One night, when the king becomes gravely ill and dies and every castle worker is at his side, Jovena grabs all her belongings and runs from castle, fleeing for her life. Her goal is to reach the region no one ever dares go, the Desolate Plains. But she has to got through the Dark Forest and Ice Mountains to get there. But, she is taken off course by a new adventure she cannot miss, and it changes her life forever.

In this story, friendship is tested, mystic creatures are found,  and adventures take hold. Join Jovena on this magical adventure through the kingdom!

Aren't  you a ray of pure evil that souls problems died in a hole!
I would've said " boi no, at least this thing on my head*points to hair* can be done! Unlike your face!!!" And if she to argue I would say " Shut the fudge up cuz we don't got time for this shiz!" *Shoos away with hands*
JuliaSatu JuliaSatu Sep 04
You probably don't need to say she is unkind. Her actions and words will show us.
if the "crown prince" was to walk into my home i would say "you came to the wrong house muthafucker!"
AliceVelez_123 AliceVelez_123 Nov 12, 2016
If she ever said that to me I would of slapped her in the face like bitch don't
ChrisThomas609 ChrisThomas609 Sep 02, 2016
Way too much info all at once.. hard to remember don't u think?