I Believe

I Believe

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Vanessa By VanessaVisser Completed

"We all have angels and demons inside of us. It's the one we choose which we become."

She's an angel with an attitude; he's a demon with an ego the size of Neverland. Both are too stubborn for their own good.

Sylvia was locked up from birth, ripped away from her parents at a young age. Years later, she finds a book that tells a tale of a land named Neverland. Completely hypnotized by the thought of leaving her prison, Sylvia says the two most dangerous words in a world with magic; I believe. But Neverland isn't anything like the stories. It is ruled by a ruthless boy named Peter Pan who is determined to break her, make her obey. And we all know Peter Pan never fails...

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Once Upon A Time Characters or their story line. I also do not own the pictures that were added. This is purely a work of fiction and it is not intended to insult or hurt anyone.

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Clear_Rain Clear_Rain May 24, 2016
I love watching Once Upon a Time but why does almost every neverland story have to include OUAT characters!?!?!?!
sleepynusrat sleepynusrat Feb 08, 2017
I don't wanna be rude but it's actually angel not angle. Sorry, I just, as a reader of your book I wanted to let you know of a spelling error
ilylily112 ilylily112 Oct 13, 2015
You did an excellent job at demonstrating Lady Clarice's cruelty. It seems a little unfounded, but I'm sure you'll expand the reason for this in a later chapter.
rvmjrm26 rvmjrm26 Oct 02, 2015
It sounds really intriguing. And your cover is BEAUTIFUL!! Did you make it??
VanessaVisser VanessaVisser Jun 15, 2015
I hope you'll like it. I tried to give it my own little twist. 
dubiosity dubiosity Jun 15, 2015
I don't normally check out stories like these, but this looks pretty cool. The summary already looks interesting. Besides, I love anything to do with Neverland.