Alec Volturi & Renesmee Cullen . Is this true love? {Alec & Renesmee Love Story}

Alec Volturi & Renesmee Cullen . Is this true love? {Alec & Renesmee Love Story}

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VolturiLover By VolturiLover Updated Mar 15, 2013

It's been seventeen year since The Volturi came to kill The Cullen's. Renesmee finally gets to go hunting alone by herself for the first time. When Alec and Felix visit her while she is hunting. Aro sent them to check and she how the high-breed is. To make she is not dangerous. What will happen when she meets them?

I was about to pounce on a deer, "Good morning Renesmee." I heard  a beautiful voice say.  I hissed turning to face the people that scared my breakfast away. Two men standing there in black cloaks, a big muscular one bigger than Uncle Emmett and a small boy. 
"What the hell do you think you were doing?" I growled.  

"I think I just saved that poor animal life." The smaller one said. 

"Who are you?" I asked. They took off their hoods as a response. I hissed stepping away from them. I should have known by their black cloaks. Alec and Felix. I don't remember them well, because I tended to block out bad part in my life. They came to kill when I was little. 
 Where they here to kill me now?

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