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I cough multiple times but he just snickers and crashes his cold and rough lips against mine. Even though I couldn't look at his face, I knew he was overcome by lust. He slowly pushes his warm tongue in my mouth, as it tangles with my quivering one and harshly sucks on it. I try to grip out of his touch but he grabs both my wrists and sucks on my lower lip. I feel his teeth dig on my lip and moan in pain as he licks off the oozing blood and guides his blood stained lips on my neck. He sends deep moans throughout my body and I vibrate under his grip as his whole body is engulfed in waves of erotic ecstasy.

"Did you enjoy it love?" He says with a sinister smile and I open my eyes wide to see Harry's face.

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lullabyes- lullabyes- Nov 25, 2017
Okay Harry ... But homegirl has been thru too much to be dealing with your rude a^ss right about now
lullabyes- lullabyes- Nov 25, 2017
I loveee the writing and the intensity and everything sksksk❤️❤️❤️
harryhoe1 harryhoe1 Dec 09, 2017
oh lol i actually thought the previous chapter was present day. So i assume it was probably her step dad or some fuqed up guy beating her
Well I love me some Harry but you kept it interesting without him, I didn't even miss him lol
Your description is perfect, which makes it all the more terrifying
Well you provoked him 😂😂😂 Harry is always right 😂😂😂