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e By nevervanilllla Updated May 11, 2015

I am about to try my first time with self bondage. It is late at night, so my parents won't hear me, but I am still very nervous about this. I have found things around my room to help my tie myself up. 

Here is how I plan on doing it:

- use a jump rope to make a tight crotch rope

- tie my ankles to the legs of the chair with belts

- clothes pins to pinch my nipples

- a scarf with a knot that will fit into my mouth

- another belt to tie my wrists behind the chair

I am not really nervous about this, since I can stop myself at any time, I am just scared that I am going to get caught, or do something to really hurt myself. I am planning on getting tied to the chair and imagining that I wasn't bringing it on myself and that someone else was tying me up. I should be able to stimulate myself through the crotch rope and the clothes pins on my nipples, as well as not being able to move. 

How I felt after tying myself up:


that is all I can say.

 I give total props to the gir...

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Creativeguy1 Creativeguy1 Nov 15, 2017
Why would anybody do this?
                              I am a bondage fetishist, but I think that’s a little too painful?
How about if some guy walks in on one her sessions and blackmails her into submission
If you enjoy bondage and damsel-in-distress fantasy stories, then why not read “The Secrets of Shackleton Grange” by Steve Spandex?
- - May 30, 2016
I once did a strappado pose with nipple clamps and being tickled the sensory overload is crazy, then add a vibrator........
MillieHulse MillieHulse Nov 02, 2015
For a next one you could put it so you are tied to a bed and like the part 2 the knot which gets tighter as you pull, overall great story, I really enjoyed it! <3
fukitsuna fukitsuna Aug 15, 2015
I enjoyed this! I'm currently in a bondage relationship, and master has me do pushups with nipple clamps to add pressure or he adds weight. That is also what i do with my self bondage