Jeff the Killer x Reader Lemons-"I'm Jeff"

Jeff the Killer x Reader Lemons-"I'm Jeff"

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Clary By ClaryHemoo Updated Jul 08, 2016

Jeff the Killer has come for your family, but he decides to keep you as his little pet. **Includes very explicit sexual scenes and language** You have been warned.

~The man put what felt like a knife at your throat and leaned down to whisper in your ear, "You probably don't want to know what'll happen if you try to scream." He took his hand off your mouth. You don't dare make a sound.

He used his knife to lift your chin and smirked. "Why you're a pretty little thing, aren't 'ya? I'll take my time with you."~

I_Am_Jeff_The_Killer I_Am_Jeff_The_Killer Nov 29, 2016
He says your going to enjoy this. Then whispers to me he's gonna rip my tongue out? xD ok Jeffy.
DJKawaiiPotato08 DJKawaiiPotato08 6 days ago
Hey lil' mama, lemme whisper in your ear. Tell you something that you just might wanna hear xD
Pynkydo Pynkydo Jun 15, 2016
This is the best lemon ever! I had never red one with better quallity!
PacifinaxGenos PacifinaxGenos Dec 03, 2016
I don't care if you kill me...
                              NO. YOU NEED TO LET IT GO.
Jackscomingsbae Jackscomingsbae Dec 03, 2016
UR new wife (I still love my bae but this is Jeff the killer my favorite creepy pasta!)
Mistress_Cesian Mistress_Cesian Aug 20, 2015
Keep writing more please!! One of the best Jeff x Reader EVER! You're awesome