The Land of Eternal Winter

The Land of Eternal Winter

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T. E. Waters By tewaters Updated Jan 24, 2013

In snowbound Ruxalia, northern kingdom of ravens and pegasi, a cult seeks to bring about the Eternal Winter of prophecy.

Watercaster Neris, a resistance leader from the southern nations, ventures into the frozen wastelands to recruit an old friend to her cause. But when idealism and former affections prove insufficient in persuading the remorseless killer-for-hire he has since become, she must resort to more drastic methods... Methods that inadvertently entangle her deeper and deeper into the affairs of a land not her own.

Meanwhile, Firecaster Firiane, member of a secret society acting in opposition to the cult, hunts a traitor who has stolen an artifact long theorized to be the key to stopping the prophecy. But time is working against her, as are her own supposed allies. And even the most solidly supported theory may be disproved in an instant.

What neither woman realizes: their every action brings the cult closer to its goals.

  • elements
  • epic
  • magic
  • pegasus
  • prophecy
Snowwindus Snowwindus Jun 10, 2015
Agree with RubyScars on all points. Although I'm a bit confused why WP tagged this volume as Completed, when it cuts off in 2014. Heh!
RubyScars RubyScars Jan 11, 2015
I love it ❤️You write so well, an I enjoy the story so far. You've already set up so many mysteries an interesting characters and I would love to continue reading if you choose to continue this story!
CocoNichole CocoNichole Nov 08, 2014
Were you inspired by the last air bender when you wrote this?
                              Regardless, it's awesome. Your voice is very smart and never boring