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TOMA (a Naruto and RWBY fanfic)

TOMA (a Naruto and RWBY fanfic)

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DovahkiinSamuel By DovahkiinSamuel Updated Apr 14, 2016

'So which Universe is this?' Naruto asked himself after landing in an alley. From what he could see it was a city so he was in modern times. Naruto was thrown through an inter-dimensional rift from his old world. He was trying to analyze the place before he walked out of the alley and heard the sound of breaking glass. He looked to his left and saw guys flying out of a shop and a girl jumping after them. She got a black object from her side that unfolded....into a giant scythe. 'Well then.' Then the scythe...shot a sniper round?

Disclaimer:I don't own Naruto or any of the anime that will cross, nor do I own RWBY. 
Rating:R because I'm a immature teenager who likes to curse plus plenty of dirty moments.

MistyFoxtail MistyFoxtail 4 days ago
Oh my heavens. Now I have one question for her.....Blake please tell me are you an otaku now 'cause if you're a newbie I could show the world.
Did you make books on him in thoes dimensions that corespond with this book?
AshtheAmazingMerlin AshtheAmazingMerlin Mar 16, 2016
The question must be asked....
                              How many tails does Naru-chan have???
Boballmighty09 Boballmighty09 Apr 23, 2016
Not with boxing gloves on :P  unless they more like gauntlets with fingers
CayneDraconis CayneDraconis Sep 06, 2016
Here lies: Cayne Draconis
                              COD: Sudden heart attack from 2 hour laughing fit
bookygurl bookygurl Aug 26, 2015
Thank goodness my family already knows I'm crazy, or they would be scheduling me for psychiatrist about now, from how I laughed.  That's an evil grin. MWAHAHAHAHAA! That's an evil laugh.