I Married a Gangster

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Naia Cannon By shufflebawt Updated 2 days ago
Eleanor Shield's is a girl with a haunted past, she craves nothing more than a normal life. Her taste of normalcy is ruined when she is forced to marry Francesco DeLuca. Within a few days with him, Eleanor's life takes a complete turn in the wrong direction, and albeit wrong, it has never felt so right.
Can we buy the hoodie and book? That's all I want to know. I WILL read a finished copy of this. I MUST.
What is your favourite book that you have ever read and why? x
Is there any character that you see yourself in? If so how? x
What inspired you do go with the theme of gang/drug culture? x
How do you get this incredible  idea for writing this extraordinary plotline?
how long did u come up with the characters and the story plot sorry if someone repeated it or u already explain