The Night That Ends At Last *Les Miserables Romance (Enjolras)*

The Night That Ends At Last *Les Miserables Romance (Enjolras)*

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: Enjolras/OC :

Joleigh can see the faults in Enjorlas' plans for this 'foolish' revolution and needs to stop his reckless course for nothing before Enjolras and all her friends are lost to her forever.

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FlowingWater123 FlowingWater123 Apr 14, 2017
"with her nose stuck in a book, she really is a funny girl that belle!"
Jayna_Kendell Jayna_Kendell Feb 24, 2017
Little town, it's a quiet village. Every day like the one before. Little town full of little people waking up to say.... BONJOUR!!
breadstick-otaku breadstick-otaku Dec 07, 2015
Best. Fricking. Trailer. Ever. 
                              Where is that girl character from?
FabulouslyNerdy13 FabulouslyNerdy13 May 09, 2014
dang, that trailer sent me chills! I can't stress how much I love this book, and what a great writer you are!
crownuprising crownuprising Jan 26, 2014
I haven't even started really but saw the trailer: flawless editing! It got me so excited about the fanfic! Can't wait to read :)
rk_basuel rk_basuel Aug 19, 2013
I love Les Mis!! The movie and the musical are both my favorites!! Thumbs up to this awesome fan fic!!! :D