The Love for Baseball (The Sandlot Fanfiction)

The Love for Baseball (The Sandlot Fanfiction)

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Elizabeth's mother died just a year ago and her father Bill already found another woman to marry. Now they are moving 1000 miles away from where they originally live. Sunny California is going to be their new life of growing up. Can Elizabeth handle the move? Can she handle her new mother? Her new brother, Scotty? Or will she be bitter about everything the whole summer? Follow Elizabeth's summer of madness, sadness, happiness, new friendships, and new romance.

Following the movie of the Sandlot: Some quotes said by the characters will be the same but some will be changed up.

*All Copyrights belong to The Sandlot*

**Edits still needs to be made**

I know this story probably sucks but thank you and enjoy! :)

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cowboysnangles cowboysnangles Nov 18, 2017
Damn I cuss in front of my parents I get soap to my mouth and a grounding
isolatedhumor isolatedhumor Dec 09, 2017
idk why but its so weird when people say 'sixth grade' and 'eighth grade'. i say year 6 and year 8. maybes it just cuz I'm aussie
Cupcakegirl34 Cupcakegirl34 Aug 12, 2016
When I saw the name Scotty smalls all I could think of was, "You're killing me Smalls! 😂 😂
i_love_a_lot i_love_a_lot Jul 10, 2016
That's like my aunt. You can call her anything mean you want, she will always be like "that's okay dear. Would you like some pie?" She's nice to people who are mean to her