Perfectly Imperfect (Jolinsky)

Perfectly Imperfect (Jolinsky)

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Cassandra By PimpDaddyWilk Updated Jul 01, 2016

"Trust me. I'm far from perfect. I'm a mess." He laughed. "But you're perfect to me. You don't need to have the best of everything and anything. You may have problems and flaws. But they're perfect too." I said cupping his face with my hands as I kissed him passionately for what feels like, eternity. That's what I want to remain.


In which two young boys hide their relationship from everyone else because they're either homophobic, or don't support it. Though they love each other very much, they both have their deep insecurities that don't want to be spoke of.

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NerdyTomboyHero NerdyTomboyHero Mar 23, 2017
Me: Siri what is the definition of perfection 
                              Siri: Jack Johnson
NerdyTomboyHero NerdyTomboyHero Mar 23, 2017
If he don't like someone like you them he's actually blind like seriously he's blind
babehJayy babehJayy Aug 01, 2016
*jack and jack put arches in each others back* 
                               jack j: hay chris
                               jack g: hay chris
netflixandchilinsky netflixandchilinsky Nov 27, 2015
Same, she is more disgusting than a piece of crap. I'm sorry that was rude... to the piece of crap😏😂