Arranged Marriage- Phan

Arranged Marriage- Phan

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Ah!?!?! By thatonewritingloser Updated Jul 18, 2016

Phil is a poor boy forced to marry another man. He's not very healthy and he's very anxious to be the husband of a rich man. The constant cloud of suicide and anxiety follows Phil Lester everywhere he goes and he struggles to fit into his new life. It's a good thing this man he marries is a good man and eventually Phil falls in love. 


cover credit to- @AnnekaCannon

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astrophhile astrophhile Sep 24, 2017
4 beds, kitchen, attic, lounge, work room, dining room, 2 toilets one ensuite..
-Hexrt -Hexrt 6 days ago
U͞͞h͞͞ c͞͞a͞͞n͞͞'t͞͞ r͞͞e͞͞l͞͞a͞͞t͞͞e͞͞ m͞͞y͞͞ h͞͞o͞͞u͞͞s͞͞e͞͞ i͞͞s͞͞ a͞͞ b͞͞i͞͞g͞͞ f͞͞o͞͞u͞͞r͞͞ b͞͞e͞͞d͞͞ t͞͞w͞͞o͞͞ b͞͞a͞͞t͞͞h͞͞
msorry msorry Jul 09, 2017
Honestly I feel bad for anyone living in situations like that (or worse) let alone children. Knowing that some people have enough. Oney to help at least a few of them *cough* Donald Trump *cough cough* makes me sad
SammySawyer SammySawyer Jan 31
HmH iS ThErE a FuCkBaG WhO nEeDs A dIcK ShoVed DoWn ThEiR ThRoAt?
LanehLove LanehLove Dec 09, 2017
Look my sister and I used to run outta food towards the end of the month so we bought canned chicken and tuna and a large bag of rice for the days when food was scarce.
TheySayImEmotional TheySayImEmotional Aug 05, 2017
This is actually my third time reading not my 69th but it's more gay that way so just ssshhhhhhhh