Arranged Marriage- Phan

Arranged Marriage- Phan

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Ah!?!?! By thatonewritingloser Updated Jul 18, 2016

Phil is a poor boy forced to marry another man. He's not very healthy and he's very anxious to be the husband of a rich man. The constant cloud of suicide and anxiety follows Phil Lester everywhere he goes and he struggles to fit into his new life. It's a good thing this man he marries is a good man and eventually Phil falls in love. 


cover credit to- @AnnekaCannon

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astrophhile astrophhile Sep 24
4 beds, kitchen, attic, lounge, work room, dining room, 2 toilets one ensuite..
Phancakes__ Phancakes__ May 06
Can we all contribute making  a fanfic about these two please...
JERBShips JERBShips Jul 12
Idk why but I'm laughing. Probably shouldn't be. Idk why I am. I just randomly started laughing. I THINK I'm going insane
Oh sweet Jesus that means Dan's gonna top
                              Obviously I'm think ahead about the important things
msorry msorry Jul 09
Honestly I feel bad for anyone living in situations like that (or worse) let alone children. Knowing that some people have enough. Oney to help at least a few of them *cough* Donald Trump *cough cough* makes me sad
LunaQuinox LunaQuinox Dec 03
Not last two years of secondary school, sixth form. Or college. You do your GCSEs when you're 15/16 then you go to college/sixth form and decide what you want to do with your life.