mistakes / j.g.

mistakes / j.g.

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I'm Genevieve Wilson and I'm 17. I am a junior and I do pretty well in school, but it's not like I have all A's. I have a few A's and then some B's and a C occasionally. 

I have quite a few best friends because I am really social and go to a lot of parties and stuff. In all honesty though, I have one friend that's just my all time best friend, her name is Zoey.

Right now it's beginning to be spring and I am so happy it is. We still have a few months left of school, but that's nothing.

I have kind of long brown hair and brown eyes, both dark brown which goes against my pale skin. Zoey also has brown hair, but dark green eyes and she is fairly tan.


this was just to know a little more about Genevieve and Zoey!!

Also, I'm just writing this story to have fun please don't expect it to be the best ever.