Tiny Tantrum

Tiny Tantrum

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TinkerBell2019 By TinkerBell2019 Updated Aug 09

What would you do with a miniature Naruto? one so small that he can fit in your jean pocket? What would a certain Uchiha do?

A story about a tiny Naruto who's encountered with a young Uchiha

(SasuNaru Fanfic)

(boy x boy)

Tomatoes are to Sasuke as Strawberry Cake is to Erza, Hunnie and L.
Anytime I hear Noah's Ark I think back to D-grey man! I'm to much of an otaku 'atlebayo
                              YOUR PRACTICALLY THE ONLY ONE
kai_inuzuka kai_inuzuka Nov 01
You are the only one who likes tomatos sasuke even my demons don't like them and that's something
Hm I guess its hard to imagine (for me) the guy who can transform to a girl (sexy jutsu) as seme 😣
GalaxyFox10 GalaxyFox10 Jul 12
AHAHAH. Those are cold naruto. There my faveorite part of ramen. I love to eat them 😂😂😂😂😂I should stop