Little Louis

Little Louis

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thelarrieswriting By thelarrieswriting Updated Jun 25, 2017

Harry Styles has always been that odd ball out when it came to taking care of people. While all of his friends were out getting drunk and fucking people just for the fun of it, he was out working at the bakery with the old ladies who, he thought, were just as funny as can be. He was a natural born caregiver and a definite old soul. 

Louis Tomlinson has always been that one person who just couldn't take care of someone if his life depended on it. He would rather people be taking care of him than him taking care of people. He would rather stay in his apartment watching Disney movies than go out with his friends and get drunk most of the time. Lucky for him, though, he's got two friends - Eleanor and Liam - to take care of him.

(I am shit at writing descriptions, but I hope this tells you a bit about the story without giving the whole story away.)

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Fanficluv12 Fanficluv12 May 23, 2016
ThePostMalone ThePostMalone Apr 10, 2016
It's like Eleanor and Liam taking care of their child but...
                                         ...i don't ship it
SofiaSanchez376 SofiaSanchez376 Mar 04, 2017
Omg in kindergarten I remember one time I wore this super duper glittery sweater and everywhere I went I left a trail of glitter
RenTheQuirky RenTheQuirky Jan 15, 2016
This reminds me of  Harry yelling "Louis show me your ass" Because he was imitating fans screaming I laughed so hard when I watched this but that was a loooooonnnngggg time ago
smol-yoongles smol-yoongles Jan 05, 2016
I named a bear I got when I was in the hospital Mr. Snuggles. Close enough
Laura_Cutie Laura_Cutie Nov 11, 2015
Hey. I just startet reading the story and I'm a bit confused. First you wrote Eleanor, then Louise and now it's Eleanor again. Who do you really mean? :)