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Kaname's Mate ||COMPLETED||

Kaname's Mate ||COMPLETED||

58.3K Reads 1.8K Votes 27 Part Story
🐼Mya🐼 By _AngelFeathers_ Completed

Kaname has been getting these weird felling and he knows that he has to pick a mate and it's driving him crazy but what will happen when he goes and say hi to Yuki and and ask Zero to come to his room. I don't own Vampire Knight I just made up the book.

•My very first KanamexZero story

AnaGeorge AnaGeorge Feb 08, 2016
If the first episode was a little confusing because the punctuation, this one omg .-. I think is better to have a story that has good grammar and punctuation even tough that means the autor takes more days to upload his/hers stories.
DoctorGrimWolf DoctorGrimWolf Apr 27, 2016
Please edit and use quotations, and use 'I' when in someone's Pov. Here is a example: Kaname's P.O.V
                              He shook his head as I pushed him on the red sofa.
                              The story is really good and has a awesome area of detail, but it's just confusing without quotes and stuff
izzyyang izzyyang Nov 17, 2016 this supposed to be third point of view or first became it's confusing me.
Omg pick meh Any day.......... No wait I have a BF. But still Lel. *wink*
MJRob1n MJRob1n Aug 17, 2016
You wrote that Kaname bit Zero on the left side of his neck, but Zero's tattoo is also on the left side...
YaoiLover2194 YaoiLover2194 Dec 10, 2015
Friendly advice from a fan when they talk put "  " around the dialogue it gets confusing on if they're talking and put '  ' around the thoughts please don't get mad I'm trying to help