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Bride of Alvar (Redemption #1)

Bride of Alvar (Redemption #1)

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Silver By SilverReins Completed

        Some mothers push their daughters toward marrying a doctor or a lawyer, but my mom tells me I'm going to marry a magical king.
        All her life Lucy's mother has insisted Lucy is promised in marriage to a king from another world. Determined to take control of her life, Lucy gets engaged to her very normal boyfriend. However, before she can make it down the aisle, a darkly handsome and mysterious King Alvar appears and tells her the time has come for her to marry him and become his queen. 
        In Alvar's strange world shrouded by a dark past of curses, monsters, and mysteries, Lucy's idea of reality is thrown upside down as she learns the fates of both her world and Alvar's rests in her hands. 
        Best ranking: #1 in Fantasy

Or_Light Or_Light Apr 19
okay.... i understand where Emily comes from here, you can either say what you do not understand is insane, or you could be scared to hell
A ten year old girl speaking like that is really hard to picture
samarita24 samarita24 Mar 20
Yo this girl tooo grown up I would have thought her mom was just playing with her nothing else
*sarcasm* Yes Emily, Lucy's mom needs help and you believe that your a princess that'll be rescued by her "prince" and live happily-ever-after.
😂I can't stop laughing at how ridiculous this just turned real quick. 
                              Seems to be my kind of book.
marcin1509 marcin1509 Apr 15
Nice prologue and whole story. I love fantasy so i am writing my own stories too :) read my New story obsidian rower, if you would like to , maybe you'll like It :)