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Ghost Wisper » Stilinski

Ghost Wisper » Stilinski

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#ispeakfluentsarcasm By iispeakfluentsarcasm Updated Jul 27, 2015

"We are all searching for someone whose demons play well with ours".

Sophia Storm's head is a beautiful insanity. 
She was born at a total eclipse at midnight between 31th December and 1st January. This only happened once each milenium. A ghost wisperer was born. 

Blessed with hair as white as snow, deep grey eyes, pale skin and fragil figure, Sophia's parents put her in Eichen House at the age of 8 years because of the things she eared and saw. But what they didn't knew was that she could see and talk to ghosts.

Now at the age of 17, she finds hersef taking an interest in a certain Stilinski boy, who appens to be possessed by a Nogitsune and just cheked-in at Echo House.

Will she leave Eichen House once and for all? And will she finilly find someone whose demons play well with hers?

# Season 3b – Season 4
# Stiles Stilinski fanfic - Nogitsune
# All characters, plot lines and settings (except for Sophia Storm, her parents and any other scenes I may include) are owned by Jeff Davis and MTV.

My cat used to stare at my corner of my room and walls so I named the ghost wall-e
Mrs_Chat_Noir Mrs_Chat_Noir Dec 26, 2016
Oh you poor thing... I could barely go throughout the day with my phone
Spiteful123 Spiteful123 Aug 18, 2016
I used to talk to my grandad that had died a year before I was born. My mum tells me that I used to talk to multiple dead people that I'd never mer
brother_moose brother_moose Nov 17, 2016
I personally like Malia but at the same time I enjoying seeing other people's perspectives
DoubtingEverything DoubtingEverything Aug 03, 2016
Jk lol loving this so far and it's only like 7 paragraphs up to here
DoubtingEverything DoubtingEverything Aug 02, 2016
Being, between, and 31st. It's not too important tho. I just feel the urge to correct ppl alot