I'm back bitches #wattys2017

I'm back bitches #wattys2017

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Lizzy ✨ By 123lizzy1996 Updated Jul 23

Emma down used to get picked on for being the schools biggest looser! 

she went away to a boarding school in London for 5 years 

and when she came back no one recognised her she had better legs then Taylor swift and hair nicer then luke Hemmings (if you not in the 5sos FAM then I don't think you would get it). 

she had ombré hair her green eyes stood out a lot more, her cheek bones were like peaces of glass and I could say the same about her jawline. 

what will happen when the schools most popular guy/badass/player started to get feelings for her?

what will happen if she starts to get feeling for him too?

what will happen if there worlds collide?

read to find out!?!?!?!

omg they are some of my brothers friends names and that is also my brothers name WTF I'm am creped out right now lol
_GlasnOst_ _GlasnOst_ Feb 27
No no lukes hair is amazing there is no way that anyone's hair is better then lukes
StephanieSmith193 StephanieSmith193 Jul 22, 2016
Damn I can't wait to see what there expression is going to be
kvngellie kvngellie Feb 01
But Luke's hair is perfect. No ones hair can e more perfect than his that just aint human
MetaEeyore MetaEeyore Aug 22, 2016
Fudge_Unicorn Fudge_Unicorn Dec 12, 2016
I just want to say that Emma Stone is a real person, she is a very popular and famous actress