Shouldn't Have Gone - BOOK III

Shouldn't Have Gone - BOOK III

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Mara19Lyn By Mara19Lyn Completed

Two brothers fighting for love. 
One fights for the love he already lost.
The other, unaware of the threat, can't do anything but depend on what is present.

Angel Mohr is in hot waters once more. Just when she has found it in her to move on from her ill-fated college romance and finds herself madly in love with Hunter Stone, her old flame returns, ruining the perfect world she had rebuilt.

A brand-new Damien Etheridge is back, and he wants what he has left behind. He wouldn't stop at anything to get her little angel back-even if he has to ruin his half-brother in the process.

Meanwhile, an oblivious Hunter Stone is set to face the skeletons in his closet, skeletons he had forgotten a long, long time ago... dirt and grime from his past that will prove to be his doom.

The things Angel, Damien, and Hunter had tried to sweep under the rug threatens to reveal themselves, unraveling secrets after secrets and lies after lies as the great duel for love comes to a close.

Will this be the end to Hunter's plans of eternity with Angel? Will Damien ever find his way back to Angel's heart? Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Angel is forced to set matters straight. Who will she choose? The one great love she had lost or the love that carried her through her darkest days?

Witness the culmination to a billionaire romance story that has spanned three books in this exciting and intriguing final installation to the Shouldn't Have Series.

  • billionaire
  • innocence
  • lovetriangle
  • newadult
  • ratedspg
  • revenge
  • romance
  • sequel
  • steamy
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lheirico lheirico Oct 07, 2015
pls make it possible for hunter and angel! hunter really deserve to have a complete family with angel! pls pls pls! and pls update soon.. my friends and i always checking for your update and we can't wait to read your work! more power
the title of this book is making me think she's going to end up with Damien
missa93 missa93 Jul 31, 2015
Can you please please please make it so that Angel will be with Hunter at the end of the story? Pretty pleaseeee. I'm a strong supporter of Hunter and I'm not willing to see Angel leaving him for Damien. :'(
NoneOfTheGiants NoneOfTheGiants Jul 30, 2015
excuse me hiii :) but whos POV is in chapter 1? i'm quite confused
Inlovewithmylife Inlovewithmylife May 14, 2015
well i ship hunter and angel!!  cannot wait for more chemistry!
cher_seyer cher_seyer May 14, 2015
sorry about that. i wasn't able to see the chapter you posted that's why i had to unsave and save again your story in my library... ;)