sInFuLly SeXy (Severus Snape Tale... Compleate)

sInFuLly SeXy (Severus Snape Tale... Compleate)

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Insanity_Is_My_Remedy By A_Hope93 Completed

"I am your Master Summer Marie so you better get use to it.. Or you may just find yourself spending a lot time bent over me knee" he smirked at the no doubt outraged look on my face, I was not spending any time bent over his fucking knee!

"You sadistic domineering sexy as sin male, Augh.. How the hell did I end up with you?" I growled seeing him smirk and then he laughed, yes Severus bloody Snape laughed at me. His chest reverberating with the deep alluring sound that was so musical and un-earthly. 

"Was that meant as an insult Summer?" He purred advancing on me with hunger in his eyes as I gulped and nodded my head not wanting to be on the reviving end of his hand a second time, as if reading my mind or face he cocked his head to the side and smirked. "I should spank you for that Summer, would you like that?" He growled and I bit my lip 

I was the happy shy child who had no worries or cares, I had two wonderful parents who adored me. And who I loved equally as much, it all changed when I was eleven! My mother and father told me I was going to Hogwart's, since that day fear had knotted in my stomach.. 

I didn't want to leave my mummy and daddy, I didn't want to go to some school miles away but been a child I had no choice.

From the first moment I entered through the portal he was there, watching; waiting. Always around. I called him Mr Dark and Moody but I had no idea how right I was really was, Hogwart's is not what it seems and only I can see it for what it truly it is. 

Why I don't know but I have always been able to tell when things are hidden, this is how I knew Mr Dark and Moody was more..

If you wish to find out how much more then come along for the ride of your life, you may not believe me hell I probably wouldn't, but read it with your own eyes and see for yourself just what Hogwart's truly is and who Mr Dark and Moody turns out to be, because I will tell you now I am in Hell! 

-needs editing-

aestheticblossom aestheticblossom Aug 16, 2016
Tbh my mom and I listed to this as I went to collage and she started to cry in the car along with me and it was horrible
systemofadown06 systemofadown06 Jun 15, 2015
Second time reading's fantastic!! I had so many feels reading this. I cried even, and I don't usually!
4eva_free 4eva_free Dec 06, 2014
I have read this story so many times and cannot get enough! You are an amazing author!
Luutje22 Luutje22 Mar 08, 2014
hahaha i am going to be 20in two weeks. guess this shouldnt be a problem. :-D
Jasmine1224 Jasmine1224 Jul 04, 2013
Its a good story i like it so far even though im only on the first chapter
A_Hope93 A_Hope93 Jun 24, 2013
@MrsDButler Awe thank you so much for the comment *smiles* this was a sad one to write but at least they  loved her =) xx