The Rejected Royal

The Rejected Royal

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"I Logan Smith, reject you Emily West.", I try to smile. "I Emily West accept your rejection.", I try to say in the most cheerful voice, even though I'm dying inside. I still want to keep it inside. His eyes go wide.
"You accept YOUR rejection? So easily?", woah I was not expecting that. I nod as cheerfully as I can fake.

Emily West ran away when she was rejected by her mate. When she ran away with her best friend, they went to the Open Moons pack. They'll just have to see what the Open Moons Pack has to offer.......

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Maddyk21 Maddyk21 6 days ago
I don't understand why, in all these stories, the girl has a crush on the abuser...I mean, he physically and emotionally abuses her. Is that a new type of foreplay that I'm not aware of? Some weird form of BDSM with no safe word or love? Help me because I'm confused.
madaboutb00ks madaboutb00ks Dec 05, 2016
*makes cracking sounds* u here that?
                              That's the FOURTH WALL BREAKING!!!
KierBlairLang KierBlairLang Dec 07, 2016
Guys, it's not the fourth wall breaking. They aren't talking to the readers. This is called foreshadowing. Or, it's just a regular part of the book. Just because they are werewolves, doesn't mean that they can't read werewolf books.
You don't have to say Beep when you're mind linking, you know that, right
BipolarMuch BipolarMuch May 09, 2016
Dude get it together this is the 21st century ...... I think
lilcheryl28 lilcheryl28 Jun 17, 2016
Ummmm, isn't Emily's mate supposed to be the new alpha, and her friends is supposed to be the beta?