Sucked Into The Classroom (Assassination Classroom Fanfic) *On Hold* IM SORRY

Sucked Into The Classroom (Assassination Classroom Fanfic) *On Hold* IM SORRY

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MugennoYume By MugennoYume Updated Jul 15, 2015

Kyoko Osamu is the middle child in the family. Her father favorites the eldest brother, Kaoru Osamu and her mother favorites the youngest sister, Kaori Osamu. 

Her parents leave her alone with their maid 'Mimi' while her parents either spend the time together or with their favorite children.

She took classes to become stronger. She loved the adrenaline rush she was feeling every time she was sweating. She trained until she found the love of her life. Anime and Manga.

With almost all the time in the world, she spends most of it reading and watching anime. She quickly becomes an Otaku and like any other Otaku, she wants to go her favorite anime of all time. 

Assassination Classroom

Its wonderful but it does have a bit of a cliche start of with the whole becoming dizzy and then blacking out
Tech! What kind of no-life otaku loser does stuff like this? *cough* me *cough*
Welcome to my life!~~🎵🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶👏👏👏👏 anyone else know that song?
SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE DESCRIPTION!!! One does not simply have ONE favorite anime!
Dammit, I seriously thought of ohshc again even though you said he wasn't him
smol_little_bitch smol_little_bitch Jul 25, 2016
Good for you, you don't have to deal with annoying siblings and strict parents. But that doesn't mean those are the kind of family I have.