My abusive alpha mate

My abusive alpha mate

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Teddy_bear_sweets By KarahBoone Updated Jul 27, 2016

"Wake up you worthless were" 
Kyle yells in his alpha voice.

"Yes alpha Kyle what may I assist you with" same line as always.

"Make the pack dinner now" 

"Yes alpha". 

The only reason I was asleep till night time is because I got beat by him for five hours straight I nearly died.

I have a scars on my back ,sides ,stomach ,and on my wrists. I never cut myself the pack held me down and cut my wrists when I "threw soup on the alpha"

I didn't do it I tripped on Ashley's foot that just so happens to be there when I walk by.

As I quickly finish dinner I go to my "room" it's in the basement all I have is a yoga mat and a thin cloth that barely covers me up.

Tomorrow is my birthday I will find my mate and he will take me away I won't ever have to see the alpha or this pack again I can finally be happy.

And that is saying something considering my past. I won't get into it but I'll tell later I promise. 

As I drift off to a peaceful sleep I think. 

I can't wait to meet my mate.
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*grabs hair dye*
                              *blows gum bubble*
                              Come on which color do you want I ain't got all day
Come my child I'll give you a hug 
                              I may be smol
                              But I'm warm
pamelauloko pamelauloko Aug 29, 2016
I haven't even read the second chapter and yet I want you to finish writing it because I love it so much
puffie_panda puffie_panda Mar 10, 2016
It's too late to say sorry go find Justin and make a new song
FallingForSociety FallingForSociety Sep 05, 2015
yeahh you updated great chapter kyle has to see what he did to her
bsbtnfn178373 bsbtnfn178373 Jul 14, 2015
AWESOME but if he was my mate I would've got off his lap and ran away or try to break the door with anything