The Inadequate Experiments: 1. White Noise [Rough Draft]

The Inadequate Experiments: 1. White Noise [Rough Draft]

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Siân H Webster By sianywu22 Completed

It started with a War. It ended with a Watch. But the Watch was only the beginning. 

The Watch counts down the days until you meet your Soul Mate. 

Five-hundred years into the future, in a world ruled by science, Sera Grey is a mystery, starting with the strange circumstance of her birth. Her whole life she has been told the same story; her mother contracted a disease that resulted in immaculate conception. Sera was the result. But what if this story was a lie? 

When Sera's Watch ticks down to zero as she meets Oliver Jackson, her life gets turned upside-down. As she tries to unravel the mystery of her Watch, and the mystery of the Scientists, she may just unravel the mystery of her birth at the same time.

NOTE: This story is currently being rewritten on my profile!!!

ndisami ndisami Apr 17, 2016
I read urs bc of the note from the timekeeper and im excittttttteed
Mystiqueofdawn Mystiqueofdawn May 28, 2016
try my new book The Frequency <3 its a sci-fi romantic action book about earth in the next 45 years:) featuring grant gustin (Barry allen from the flash) and Elizabeth Olsen (wanda from captain America)
TacyTLC TacyTLC May 25, 2016
I am impressed that u and the author of timekeepers spoke and not only spoke but each wrote about yells understanding.  so now I want to read both. thank u both for a rare display of fair play and camaraderie between authors.
Burning_Chaos Burning_Chaos May 20, 2016
The Timekeeper was a book I read on Quotev... wonder if it was the same one
Can you send me the link to tge timekeeper so I can read the right one? (Don't worry, I'll still read yours ^_^)
albiturry albiturry Dec 28, 2015
I have just read the timekeeper, and I'm going to read this because I really like the idea of watchs and soulmates :)